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Old City Tour

  • Old Church
    Authentic 13th century famous church
  • Windmill Adriaan
    Built in 1778 on old defence tower
  • Amsterdam City Gate
    The old Gateway to Amsterdam
  • Authentic Hofjes
    Historical small city garden

Countryside tour

  • National Park Elswout
    19th century old ‘buitenplaats’
  • Dutch Village
    Typical dutch neighborhoods
  • Country fields
    Wide fields with Dutch cows and wild deers

Beach Bike Tour

  • Beautiful beaches
    The most beautiful beaches of Holland
  • Haarlem’s secret Dune-lake
    A lovely small hidden dune lake
  • Typical dutch neighborhoods
    Cozy beach villages

FlowerBike Tour

  • Flowerfields
    Colorful bulb flowerfields
  • Local waterways
    Essential waterways
  • Beautiful countryside
    Holland countryside in flower fields