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With Bike Tours Haarlem we offer enthusiastic people the possibility to discover Haarlem and its suburbs by bike at it's best. Experience it the Dutch way with typical Dutch bikes. We love to show you around trough the old city center, the flower gardens, the nearby beach and many many more great places. Our bikers ensure a fantastic experience to remember!

No request is too crazy for us, we will do everything to give you an awesome tour. Our goal is to let people experience people the Netherlands on a local way. So no dirty coffee shops, red light district of annoying salesmen trying to sell you stupid stuff. We are going for the real experience. This means we are visiting the old Haarlem City Center and the great country side nearby.

When you are going home, we are convinced that you can say you understand the Dutchies! :)

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Discover Haarlem with our City Tours

A great way to discover Haarlem City and it's surroundings by Bike.
You our city Bike Tour and discover Haarlem like a local on 2 hour bike ride. This Bike your costs only €25,- per person.

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